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Check out our interactive web menus. Just hover over and click on the below menu icons. Certain allergen and nutritional information are provided for our customer's convenience. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and salads served at every school daily! 


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The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 was passed by the United States Congress. This Act contained the language for the reauthorization of the School Nutrition Program. As part of this Act, a provision (Section 205) requires Local Education Associations to start gradually increasing the price of a full paid student meal to match the reimbursement rate received for a free student meal. 

**If your student has been approved for free or reduced meal options, please keep in mind that this results in free or reduced breakfast and lunch.   



STUDENT Reimbursable Meals

Prices by the Day


  • Paid - Free
  • Reduced - Free
  • Free - Free


  • Paid - Free
  • Reduced - Free
  • Free - Free

A La Carte items are still available for purchase daily


STUDENT Reimbursable Meals

Prices by the Day 


  • Paid - Free
  • Reduced - Free
  • Free - Free


  • Paid - Free
  • Reduced - Free
  • Free - Free

A La Carte items are still available for purchase daily



                ** All questions on account balances must be disputed within 90 days of purchase


Please keep in mind UCPS - School Nutrition Services' is peanut/tree nut sensitive, not peanut/tree nut free. Although a la carte items have been reviewed for peanut and tree nut ingredients, please be aware, some items may be processed in a facility with peanuts and/or tree nuts. This may result in possible cross-contact of peanuts/tree nuts.

NOTE: In the U.S., it is VOLUNTARY for a manufacturer to include a statement on their package regarding whether their manufacturing facility also processes any of the top eight allergens. Some manufacturers voluntarily list that certain food allergens are processed on a shared line or in a shared facility, while others don’t list any statement.

If you have any questions, please contact the cafeteria manager. Consult the School Nutrition website to view menu items that have been identified as containing one or more of the 8 major allergens.  


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